Apple TV Review

Apple TV

By Bill Ferguson from Paisley

If it existed in a bubble, the new Apple TV would be a stellar product. It offers a steady improvement over its three-year-stagnant predecessor – a device built for the then revolutionary new standard of 1080p – and comes with one of the most premium remotes on the market.

If there was nothing to compare it to, it’d be hard to point out the number of flaws the system has. It’s lacking native Amazon Prime Video support and Siri recognises less than half the commands on the new Apple TV than it does on iOS, watch OS or OSX.

Apple TV

The remote itself I really like, but it isn’t the panacea Apple marketed it as. Entering text one letter at a time for a password is tedious, and as of right now there’s no way to connect your iPhone or iPad to step in when you get tired of slogging through the long row of letters.

But that’s the snag with the new Apple TV: it’s just shy of being the product we were promised.

It might very well be one day once the system grows up, gets a few patches and more developers see the same promise in the living room they see in our pockets and tablets. But, for now, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and the competition shows no signs of going easy.

Bill Ferguson is registered blind. 

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