Blind man with fear of dogs given the UK’s first guide horse

A visually impaired man who is scared of dogs has been given the UK’s first guide horse.

BBC journalist Mohammed Salim Patel from Blackburn, Lancashire, is due to receive an eight month old American Miniature horse called Digby to help him with daily tasks.

The two foot tall horse will help the 23-year-old with household chores just like a guide dog.

Mr Patel who has a degenerative eye disorder called Retinitis Pigmentosa said “I have a condition where I lost my vision and I have come across lots of people who have guide dogs. The horse will go and live with Mr Patel once it has been trained.

There are more miniature horses being trained in the United States – about 14 training in America to help visually impaired people and they have a long life-span as they can live until 45 or 50 years old.

The guide horses initiative was hoped to give those with visual impairments a choice when it came to having a pet to assist them. Another thing is that people may have an allergy, phobia or for health reasons and it is a choice for people.

Source: London Evening Standard

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