Celebrities With Impaired Vision

Celebrities With Impaired VisionLet’s get one thing straight from the beginning Рthis list is provided only to inform you of the fact that other people can still strive to continue as celebrities even if they have a visual impairment. It is not provided so you can gloat, honest.So let’s crack on with the list, which is not in any order of impairment!
Johnny Depp – Depp acknowledged that he has suffered from vision issues from early on in his life, saying he can barely see from his left eye.
Jorge Luis Borges РThe famous Argentinian writer had a public lecture on blindness in 1977 in which he stated the irony of being given honours for his written work at the same time his doctor informed him that he would soon be too blind to write on his own. He had cataracts and a series of failed eye procedures. 
Galileo Galilei – The most probable causes of Galilei’s blindness were cataracts and glaucoma. ¬†
James Joyce РJoyce had severe eye pain for the second half of his life. He had multiple surgeries to try to alleviate the pain, which may have caused his blindness. Harper Lee РThe writer was partially blind and deaf, but said that her vision impairment was not the reason she stopped writing. Instead, she said it was because she said all that she wanted to say. 
Allan Pineda Lindo Jr. – also known as apl.de.ap., is a member of the band “The Black Eyed Peas” who has nystagmus.¬†
Claude Monet – The famous artist was pronounced blind in 1922, at which point he lost the ability to distinguish colours in his paintings.
Horatio Nelson – The saying “turn a blind eye” was first attributed to Nelson as he used his partial blindness to his advantage in some combats, saying that he didn’t see a signal which meant to call his soldiers off from attacking the enemy.
BONO РThe U2 frontman is always seen in his signature tinted sunglasses which he even wears indoors. More than a fashion statement, the sunglasses are actually claimed to be a necessity for the Irish singer. Bono has been suffering from Glaucoma for more than 20 years. 
Dame Judi Dench has been battling age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 
KATE MOSS РThe supermodel has a lazy eye, or what is called in medical terms as Strabismus . This condition affects the alignment of eyes, and can affect your sight and depth perception. One eye turns out, which gives her that daydreaming look. 
Edgar Davids Рhas a glaucoma condition. Former Dutch international Edgar Davids was a no nonsense tough tackling midfielder. Having played for AC Milan and Tottenham Hotspur. However, due to vision problems, Davids had no choice but to play in protective glasses during his playing days. 

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