Fake Eyeballs Thrown On To Football Pitch

It is fair to say that a lot of visually impaired people are fairly thick skinned and can also laugh at sight related incidents. However, at the recent derby game between Dunfermline Athletic and Falkirk the Falkirk fans stooped to unacceptable behaviour.
A section of Falkirk supporters threw false eyes on to the pitch and chanted vile abuse at Dunfermline’s Dean Shiels.

This was the first meeting of the sides since Kevin O’Hara and Joe McKee received eight- and four-match bans respectively for scandalously abusing Shiels, who had an eye removed in 2006 after losing sight in it following a childhood accident.
And the Falkirk supporters brought further shame to their club by chanting the very same and booing Shiels at every opportunity while false eyes were also thrown by some fans.

Falkirk issued a statement condemning those responsible. It read: “Falkirk FC apologises unreservedly to Dean Shiels and Dunfermline Athletic FC for the abhorrent behaviour of a small number of individuals. We will be working closely with Dunfermline to identify those responsible and look to take action against anyone identified and will not allow this disgraceful behaviour to be repeated.”

Shiels had an operation 11 years ago, when playing for Hibernian, to remove his eye.
Dean Shiels has to be applauded for his tenacity and strength in playing professional football but the actions of certain Falkirk fans leaves a bitter taste at how low some people will stoop to mindlessly attack another human being.

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