GCIL Professional Careers Graduate Traineeship Opportunities

Following on from their partnership with NHSScotland and Scottish Government, GCIL Equality Academy is launching its search for a further twenty-two disabled graduates to take part in this hugely successful traineeship programme.  The programme provides exciting employment opportunities within NHSScotland Boards covering the length and breadth of Scotland.  


Please find the link to full advert Advert: Word97-2003 which is available on our website from the 18th July 2017, with a closing date of 18th August 2017, with the posts also listed on Goodmoves.


GCIL Equality Academy and NHSScotland are seeking to provide meaningful, relevant work experience for disabled graduates that will complement the graduates skills, knowledge and experience to support them in achieving their long-term career aspirations.  


GCIL Equality Academy and NHSScotland are keen to identify candidates that not only meet the vocational criteria but can also demonstrate that they have the right attitude and motivation to take part in this exciting opportunity within NHSScotland.   


NHSScotland (as the largest employer in Scotland) has the capacity to offer a wide range of opportunities across a spectrum of vocational specialisms (as detailed in the advert).  Therefore, the recruitment process will focus on identifying the most suitable candidates to take advantage of this tailored programme of work experience, training and personal development, and then matching them to a suitable position within NHSScotland.   


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