Hospital In The Sky

Orbis, one of the world’s leading eye charities has reached a major milestone in patient care, delivering over 10 million treatments in a single year, its highest figure in 5 years 
. Orbis‚Äôs new ‚Äėthird generation‚Äô¬†link Flying Eye Hospital¬†, a unique aircraft that plays a vital role in the fight against avoidable blindness, landed in the UK earlier this month for the first time in history¬†
The Flying Eye Hospital stands at the cutting edge of medical innovation. To the eye, it appears as a typical passenger plane; however on the inside there is a state of the art operating theatre, with audio-visual equipment that transmits live operations to trainees in a 46 seat classroom at the front of the plane. The aircraft also features pre and post-op spaces and a laser eye suite.
The Flying Eye Hospital enables a global volunteer team of the world’s most highly regarded ophthalmic experts to train local medical professionals, leaving a lasting impact for future generations.

In 2017, the plane will be undertaking treatment and training programmes in Vietnam, Cameroon and Bangladesh. In the past, the plane has flown to: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Cameroon, Peru, Mongolia and Indonesia among others.

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