Inappropriate Things To Do When You Have Sight Loss!

Those of us who have sight loss can sometimes see the humorous and embarrassing  side of life even if it gets us in to trouble.  Trawling the web recently we have come up with some funny situations that have arisen due to the fact we can’t see too well.  For example,

1. when using public transport be very careful not to sit in someones lap! Upholstery may be similar in shade to peoples clothes but this is really no excuse. This kind of familiarity with strangers should be left for the pub late on a Friday night.

2. Putting things in your mouth the wrong way  round. Examples being pens, cigarettes etc Рone way of quitting smoking.

3. Talking to people who are not there. I have done this many times and its no good pretending you have gone mad and you meant to talk to an empty chair, people won’t believe you. Best just to admit you have made a mistake.

4. Calling someone by the wrong name. Once again I have done this and even tried to bluff it out by asking the person how they are doing while at the same time struggling to remember their correct name.

5. Mistaking people for inanimate objects. Did this at Glasgow Airport and was sitting two or three seats away from what I thought was a dustbin. The thing was very still and looked remarkably like one of those flip lid bins. Keen to assert my independence, I rose, walked over, and tried to put my empty can of Coke into a man who was holding a newspaper.

6. Answering questions not meant for you. Could happen to anyone but the visually impaired are particularly prone.

7. Confusing shoppers. Ever asked a shop assistant for help to find out you have asked another shopper where the KY Jelly is?

8. Confusing little sachets you get given with fast food. On a couple of occasions I have been convinced that I had the Tomato Ketchup in my hand only to find out I have been trying to squirt a wet wipe on to my chips.

9. Mistaking mother in law for wife. Don’t worry it was not quite that bad; I mean I might be blind but I can still tell a 30 year old woman from a 55 year old. Then again my mother in law did like it when I sat next to her and started to rub her leg.

10. Jumping out of your skin. What is more embarrassing than someone quietly coming up behind you making you jump by simply asking ‚ÄėWould you like a cup of coffee?’



If you want to share your funny or embarrassing situations with us just send these to – where your confidentiality will be respected – honest!



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