Launch Of new £10 note

New £10 Notes


The new Bank of England £10 note is launched today, Thursday 14 September, in England and Wales.
The Bank of England note includes clusters of raised dots in the top left corner that will help people with poor vision to identify its denomination.
It also features bold numbers and raised print.
The new note is different in other ways: It features the image of a woman who is not the Queen. Celebrated author Jane Austen has replaced Charles Darwin as the face of the £10 note following a public campaign that pressured the Bank of England to put a woman on the country’s money.

Men remain on the other notes: Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill is on the £5, economist Adam Smith is on the £20 and steam engine pioneers Matthew Boulton and James Watt feature on the £50.

This is the second bank note to be made out of plastic instead of traditional paper materials. The £5 plastic note launched in September 2016.
The plastic bills are considered by the central bank to be “safer, stronger and cleaner.”
But the new notes are controversial because trace amounts of animal fat are used in their production. The bank considered switching to a different material, but ultimately decided to stick with the current formula.

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