New Customer Services App To Help People With Disabilities

A new app-based system has been launched that aims to “shake up” the

customer service industry across shops, banks and other venues.


The Welcome app lets people with disabilities tell shops and venues of their arrival, so that staff can provide tailored assistance suited to their condition.


Designed by assistive technology company Neatebox, the free app is a two-way platform between users and customer service teams. Users tell staff, via the app, that they will be visiting a venue and flag up useful

information or specific requirements they have, such as needing assistance with a wheelchair or that they will be bringing a guide dog.


GPS tracking lets staff know exactly when the customer arrives and the app also provides links to useful information about various impairments,

supplied by charities and specialist organisations.

The system only works with venues that have signed-up, but users are encouraged to request new venues within the app.

Venues that have signed up so far include Edinburgh Airport, hotels, shops, cafés, tourist attractions and the Royal Bank of Scotland, where the app has been installed at the company’s headquarters in the hope of

demonstrating its benefits for more widespread use.


At present, venues are mainly in Scotland, where Neatebox is based, but users can request locations anywhere. 


A former guide dog mobility instructor, Gavin Neate started Neatebox to help find a solution for problems that some of his visually impaired clients had when operating pedestrian crossings. This solution became Button, a system that

allows a user’s mobile phone to automatically ‘push’ buttons at pedestrian crossings as they approach, using Bluetooth. This simplifies the process for those who may find it difficult to operate the crossings – for example, someone who is blind or using a wheelchair.


Crossings need to have simple hardware installed in them for the Button system to work, but as with the Welcome app, users can request locations and Neatebox will contact requested local authorities. The company is already working with some councils to install the technology. The system has already been installed throughout the town of Largs.


To download the Welcome app and find out more, visit the Neatebox website: .


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