No More Pavement Parking

Disability groups are claiming victory after the Scottish Government announced motorists are to be banned from parking on pavements.

A lengthy campaign led by the RNIB and Guide Dogs has forced ministers to act to prosecute selfish drivers who restrict access to pavements for their own convenience.

It means footpaths across the country will be cleared of cars allowing wheelchair users, blind and partially sighted people as well as parents pushing buggies the same access as other members of the public.

In a surprise announcement, the move was revealed by transport minister Derek Mackay, who said the legislation would be put in place if the party wins next May’s Holyrood election. Discussions with local councils and members of the public will now take place  to identify areas to be exempt from the ban. He told Holyrood’s local government committee: “People don’t need to be alarmed that suddenly they cannot park near their homes. This will not be like setting a national speed limit that applies universally.”

Derek McKay Trnsport Minister
Derek MacKay, Scottish Transport Minister

For years campaigners have complained of built-up areas plagued by cars left on pavements or double parked, interfering with pedestrians and the flow of traffic. This is a major victory for disability campaigners who have fought long and hard for the right of access.

SITE Scotland looks forward to seeing how this actually pans out for people with sight loss who try to navigate pavements with cars parked on them. Jonathon Miller, Chairman of SITE Scotland said: “‘While we welcome this commitment we do wonder if, for example, neighbours who park their cars in the streets where people with sight loss live will comply with any future legislation.”

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