Now I Can See My Grandchildren Says Kathleen!

Kathleen With Her TabletKathleen, from Coatbridge, has had issues relating to her eye condition, Uveitis, since she was a young girl but this did not effect her performance at school. A qualified nurse she had to abandon her career in her mid-twenties due to the fact she was finding it very difficult to read the labels on medicine and drug packages.

Settling down to her role as wife and mother of two children kept her very busy and she gave little time to using technology. People all around her, including her husband and her grand children, were using computers, mobile phones and although she managed to obtain an entry level mobile phone with large keys she was excluded from using various technologies that sighted people take for granted.

Her husband suggested, after a little research, that people with sight loss could use some technologies due to the accessibility options available in mainstream products. It was then that Kathleen approached SITE to see if she could try some computers to find out if she was able to use them. Kathleen received one to one training sessions on the use of tablet computers and was shown how to increase the size of fonts, make letters bolder to read and to use the magnification function to enable her to use the tablet productively.

As she has said ‘After a little time with one of the SITE technology support workers I found, after some practice, I could use the tablet computer quite easily.’ With the encouragement of her family Kathleen was able to use the tablet to surf the web and book holiday accommodation, order items from Amazon and more importantly communicate with her daughter using Skype.

Kathleen said ‘When I look back I wish I had more knowledge of what was out there for people with sight loss. Using my tablet is second nature to me now and has made my life just that little bit better enabling me to interact with my grandchildren and play with them using various apps on my tablet, send emails and even take photographs. Working with SITE and even learning from the SITE staff member who himself is registered blind made it a lot easier as the trainer knew exactly the issues I was facing.’


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