OrCam ‘My Eye’ Demonstration

This week, we were given a demonstration from Ian White on the¬†OrCam¬†‘My Eye’ wearable AI.¬†

 OrCam is an intuitive wearable device with a smart camera designed to assist people who are visually impaired. 

Ian White is on the left of the photograph gesturing to Fraser Fleming how to use the OrCam device. They are seated at a table with various pieces of kit that make up the OrCam bundle. This includes, the processor which can store up to 100 pieces of product information.
Ian White from OrCam (on the left) shows our resident Tech Tutor, Fraser Fleming how to use the wearable technology.

By using your finger as a guide (fingertip pointing upwards), the OrCam device takes a snapshot of the text you are looking at and reads the content back to you in real time.

Ian White is on the left of the photograph looking on as Fraser Fleming points his finger upwards, letting the OrCam capture the product and relay the information in real time. Fraser is holding a box of cup-a-soup in his left hand and pointing upwards with his right hand.
Ian White (on the left) showing our resident Tech Tutor, Fraser Fleming, how to use the orCam,

The device can also recognise up to 100 products, including bank cards, people, food items and much more. This involves manually adding products to the processor, but as Ian demonstrated, this is very simple, but incredibly effective in the long-term.


Ian is returning to our SITE office at The Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street, on Monday March 21st to demonstrate the OrCam to members of SITE Scotland.

If you would like to attend this demonstration, please email info@sitescotland.org  or contact the office on 0141 332 0983.

For more information about OrCam, visit their website: http://www.orcam.com/


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