Podcast No. 15 Trekker Breeze

SITE Bites Podcast No. 15 Trekker Breeze
In this latest podcast we take a look at the Trekker Breeze from Humanware by road testing this orientation and GPS navigation aid.

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Additional Review by Iain Macmillan;

“Within the blind and VI community one will find that mobility is one of the highest priorities. this is why we are all granted the use of the long white cane and for some, a guide dog. with the correct training and practice with these aids one can consider themselves mobile , but only to an extent . the trekker breeze from Humanware is a GPS device that can apparently increase the ease of ones mobility and even stretch its range to the far corners of britain and ireland. the trekker breeze is without a doubt an excellent piece of kit for the independent blind traveller, fully utilising the nine keys on the device. i was pleasantly surprised to learn the breeze functions most effectively with the use of both built in and customised landmarks . of course the preset landmarks differ according to your location,ie the greater th e town the more comprehensive and greater in numbers the landmarks become . these landmarks can be anything from your local newsagent to public amenities or even tourist destinations. by selecting any of these presets the breeze will guide you through the route , very much like a conventional satellite navigation system . if your favourite pub or eatery is not included, however , one can easily create one by standing at the entrance of said destination , pressing the record key and stating ‘cross keys bar’ , ‘greasy spoon cafe’ , or whatever , and thus becoming a destination with the others. this feature can be used to make notes or reminders while on route. for example to inform you on the high kerb you always trip over. the use of this feature os seemingly endless based on ones imagination to implement it. unfortunately the record button can become an annoyance as i found that it can often be triggered in your top pocket while walking since it hasn’t a key lock function. i find this to be a minor criticism against a gadget which holds huge potential the trekker breeze also allows one to create customised routes . the model itself iss a good size and shape, like a cross between an in car GPS and a traditional mobile phone , its a device that will comfortably fit in your hand but is bulky and has enough weight to make it somehow reassuring. the breezes carry case was sadly the biggest letdown of the package . though aesthetically pleasing the case is just far too flimsy for such a high end product, while walking with the instrument i had absolutely no confidence in the cases ability to withstand any form of wear and tear . so as a result id urge humanware to produce a more rigid and substantial protective case for their trekker breeze. saying that the other items offered in the package are more than satisfactory ; as well as the varied instruction manuals, text, audio and digital text, one will receive power cable , usb connector , lapel loudspeaker, and shoulder and wrist straps for extra security and a billet in SD memory card.

overall the humanware trekker breeze is a fine gadget, the GPS function is miles better than any smart phone application, the nine button design fully implement the devices capabilities which take no time to learn and get used to. despite the problems with the carry case the trekker breeze would be an excellent addition to any blind travellers arsenal.”

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