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Communication and Etiquette

Many people feel awkward when they meet a blind or partially sighted person for the first time. We are sometimes unsure about using certain language that may offend someone. Should you offer help and when? Stop reading for a minute and think about anything that might worry you or that you have felt awkward about in the past. Use these answers to help you treat a visually impaired person the way you would hope to be treated if the roles were reversed.

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About SITE Scotland

SITE Scotland is a charity for people with sight loss living in Scotland. We provide expert advice, training and support to anyone affected by sight loss.

Established in 2004 we have over 300 newsletter subscribers. This figure is growing as the number of blind and partially sighted people in the population increases each year.

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SITE Scotland is governed by a Management Committee which is always looking to extend its experience and levels of support to the sight loss community. If you feel you have something to offer in the way of support, skills or experience we would be delighted to hear from you.