Sight Loss In Scotland

Blind person with cane

It is estimated that over two million people in the UK live with sight loss.  That’s around one person in 30.  Of these, around 360,000 people are Registered with their local authority as blind or partially sighted. It is estimated that 180,000 people in Scotland are affected by sight loss and that around 10 people in Scotland begin to lose their sight each day.
It is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss will rise to over2.5 million  . and by 2050, the numbers of people with sight loss in the UK will double to nearly 4 million. This is because:• an ageing population – and as we get older we are increasingly likely to experience sight loss• there is a growing incidence in key underlying causes of sight loss, such as obesity and Diabetes.


Did you know that in Scotland:

• There are currently around 170,000 people in Scotland with significant sight loss. Around 36,000 are formally registered as blind or partially sighted. Around 1,200 to 2,000 children are blind or partially sighted.
• 22 per cent of people aged 75 and over, and 53 per cent of those 90 and over, experience sight loss.
• A third of the 120,000 Scots with a learning disability might also have sight loss. The prevalence increases with the severity of the learning disability and with age.

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