Supporting Disabled People To Learn

Did you know that Lead Scotland provide free information and advice on the full range of post-school learning and training opportunities in Scotland. Lead Scotland (Specialists in Linking Education and Disability) is a charity that empowers disabled people and those who care for them to improve their lives through learning.
Lead Scotland provide tailored, impartial advice about learning, education and training options, including accessing additional educational support, funding and benefits for disabled learners, legal rights for disabled learners, and much more.
The Information Service has a freephone helpline, funded for 10 hours per week by the Scottish Government and can be reached on 0800 999 2568, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 2pm-4pm and Tuesday & Friday 10am-12pm, or by emailing It is open to disabled people, carers and family/friends of disabled people as well as staff who support or provide advice to disabled people.
We also provide free downloadable guides on topics like Post School Learning Choices in Scotland, The Equality Act in Post School Learning and Supporting You at College and University. These are available to download from the Lead Scotland website.
We are also available to provide free information sessions to a group of disabled people, carers or those who experience barriers to learning due to ill health who you may support, or information sessions for your staff or team. In these sessions we cover:
• Why we think learning is for everyone, no matter what you want to learn, what your learning level is or what your motivation for learning is. We want to raise awareness that there are many different and flexible options for learning, beyond going to college or university and multiple routes to becoming qualified, if that’s important to you. We also want to talk about the wellbeing benefits of learning for leisure.
• We want to raise awareness of the fact starting to learn doesn’t necessarily mean having your benefits stopped, there are a number of circumstances where you can study and continue to receive benefits;
• Support and funding is available to learn, for example specialist equipment, software and educational assistants to support your learning;
• Disabled people have a legal right to support, adjustments and flexibility when learning.  These rights are protected under the Equality Act and education providers have a legal duty to uphold these rights.
We can also tailor the sessions to ensure they are relevant to your group/the individuals you support. For example we can provide information about local learning providers and courses as well as talk about what reasonable adjustments might be available for people with specific impairments. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this or anything else further.

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