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Magnifying telescopic lens implants, called intraocular telescopes, have been available privately for a number of years for late stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). However, there is a lack of evidence on how safe they are and how well they help improve vision and quality of life.

The OriLens intraocular telescope is a few millimetres in diameter and provides approximately x2.5 magnification onto the macula. The MIRROR clinical trial is aiming to assess the benefits of the OriLens for those with late stage AMD and is looking for patients to take part.

Volunteers for the trial need to have late stage AMD in both eyes (wet or dry) and not have needed treatment in the last 12 months. Volunteers also need to have had cataract surgery in both eyes. Anyone who has had injections for wet AMD in the last year would not be eligible.

Anyone who wishes to be considered for the trial needs to complete a short pre-screening questionnaire. This questionnaire needs to be signed by a health professional, such as an optician, optometrist, low vision clinic, ophthalmologist or GP. It then needs to be sent to your nearest participating hospital. Currently, hospitals in Belfast and Leeds are taking part in the trial, but eight other hospitals across the UK are due to join in 2018.

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