Tandem Cycle For Charity

Hi everyone I hope you don‚Äôt mind me letting you know about and raise awareness and funds for a fantastic charity. .¬†¬†Following my successful completion last year, I will be cycling the Classic Pedal for Scotland Challenge (45 miles, Glasgow to Edinburgh, 10th September 2017) for my chosen charity MACS (Microphthalmia, Exophthalmia & Coloboma Support), ¬†¬†Don‚Äôt worry folks, the streets are safe. I am not attempting to ride a ¬†bike solo. Once again, I will be joined by my husband Dan on the tandem., and he will be the pilot, but despite ¬† many cheeky comments, I will be pedaling just as hard as him.¬†¬†Last year, after Gift Aid, we raised almost ¬£2000 ‚Äď BIG thanks again to all who contributed!¬†MACS ‚Äď the UK‚Äôs national charity for children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes ‚Äď have a special place in our hearts because myself and our youngest daughter Zara were born with the eye impairments that the charity supports. The charity provides 1st class help for families affected by MACS conditions. ¬†¬†One of the most important things MACS does is to give members access to a network of other families who have a first-hand experience of living with a visual impairment. Through their regional support groups and family weekends, families can offer each other peer support and participate in group activities. Children also get the opportunity to participate in activities that they would normally find difficult to access ‚Äď for example, canoeing, horse-riding, rock-climbing; and so-on. We, personally, have already benefited from the supportive network of MACS families ‚Äď and have made some lasting friendships. Dan and I are now regional co-coordinators ¬†offering support and events to families in the west of Scotland.¬†¬†Your donation today, or anytime soon (!), will go a long way to providing the much needed support to families and children during diagnosis and beyond. The small team at the charity work very hard within their limited resources to provide such a high level of care and support.¬†¬†If you would prefer to leave a cash donation for me instead, just let me know. Thank you.¬†¬†I will also ¬†appreciate ¬†messages of motivation and support. Exercise has been a longstanding battle for me. I have never enjoyed it through childhood and adulthood, but was desperate to get fitter and healthier. Since taking up yoga a few years ago, I believe I am on a positive fitness journey, and still can‚Äôt believe I am cycling this path again. I am so grateful for encouragement and inspired by so many ¬†people ¬†who have their own barriers to exercise and achieve so much more. So, I have dug out my cycling ¬†clothes, I have my fitness apps set and I‚Äôm ready to go.¬†¬†So if you can donate, I am extremely grateful. Thank you for taking ¬†the time to ¬†read my story.¬†¬†Much appreciated and wish me luck.¬†¬†Thank you and kind regards¬†¬†Kelly¬†¬†¬†Kelly Coote¬†Placement CoordinatorGlasgow Centre for Inclusive LivingEquality AcademySuite 1.16Red Tree Business Suites33 Dalmarnock RoadGlasgow¬†G40 4LA¬†office tel: 0141 375 0464direct tel: 0141 375 0516Fax: 0141 550 4858Website: http://www.gcilequalityacademy.org.uk¬†Email: kelly@gcil.org.uk¬†

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