Ten years With An iPhone

It is ten years since Apple launched the iPhone and in this submission I look back and see what impact the technology has made to me and my life as a visually impaired person.
In 2007 Steve Jobs said ‘Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone’.
I remember, as will many visually impaired people, using my Nokia mobile with ’Talks’ software in order to make the phone accessible. I remember it cost £100 for the software and it had to be installed for me by the company I purchased it from!
How things have changed since then and my ‘Candy Bar’ phone – but the question is ‘Has it made a difference to me in what I want to do in terms of work and life?
The first thing to say is moving from the Nokia with tactile buttons to a flat, touch sensitive screen was quite an experience. It took a little while to use my first iPhone with any degree of confidence but I persevered not only due to the fact I believed this was the way forward but given the new iPhone was so expensive.
Before too long I was sending emails, texting, surfing the web and it was fantastic.
I have never looked back and regretted the move to the iPhone and year on year the accessibility has improved dramatically since 2007.
I use my phone both for work and pleasure and can’t think how I managed prior to it’s introduction.
It is efficient and effective and the one thing I must say is that the Apple iPhone has made other mobile phone providers raise their game to incorporate accessibility in their products which has impacted positively on my life and I expect those of other visually impaired people.
Imagine ten years ago having the choice of having a computer in your pocket with the ability to record, find my way about streets, read papers and letters, listen to radio, interact with my sighted colleagues and participate more fully in society which was extremely difficult to do if not impossible more than ten years ago.
Indeed I do not think I could have started my own business without the ability to function effectively and efficiently and it is all down to the iPhone.
Perhaps the greatest impact the launch of the iPhone has had is we now have choice which was not there in the period prior.  
I personally think that we in the visually impaired community have a lot to thank Apple for and long may it continue.

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