The Culture Crawl by Charlotte Bennie

This was an eight mile walk across Glasgow; starting at the car park at the front, or is it the back?, of Kelvingrove, heading east to the Cathedral, then a dive down High Street and into Duke Street to head back. Finishing at the Hunterian Museum at the University. Eight way points at which, there was either entertainment, sustenance or both. I think over 300 people started, including some weans, upper primary and teenagers. However, I don’t know how many finished. Apparantly, there was a downpour in the West End which we missed, as we were heading from George Square to the Cathedral at the time and we wondered if that meant some people just gave up at that stage. Anyway, they had a lot of surplus goodie bags at the end.
Christie, my Guide Dog, didn’t do the walk; she stayed with Gordon, my husband, walking up and down University Avenue before settling down for a rest in the Hunterian. I used the Canadian cane, and had two friends acting as sighted guides. At each way point, I changed partner, so they didn’t end up with a sore arm. There were no street lights working from just past the City Chambers to the Cathedral so I was leading them! We took about five hours but, then, we enjoyed the entertainment and food provided. We could have done it in about four hours, but it wouldn’t have been such fun.
Altogether, we think we’ve raised about £1300, including Gift Aid, for Maggie’s Centres. This is the second year they have run the event in Glasgow, but it’s held all over the UK, and they are taking early bookings for next year!
Now, I’ve a great deal of respect for those who do Marathons! I enjoyed it and the training beforehand. I’ve a friend who is a retired gym teacher, so she kept me right with the training; taking me for long walks and doing the walk with me, as did her daughter, who works in Glasgow. We’ve been training all year. Evenwhen I was on the Queen Mary, I made Gordon haul me round the promenade deck several times each day, clocking up the kilometres mid Atlantic. Whitney enjoyed the training, as did Christie when she took over. In fact, the whol process helped me get more into the habit of exercise.
Would I do a Marathon? No! I could have done about another mile but that would be me!

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