Transport Scotland – National Transport Strategy Consultation

Transport Scotland are seeking comments and contributions  on

their National Transport Strategy.


Transport Scotland are reviewing the National Transport Strategy which has been in place since 2006 and reconsidered in 2016. The result of the reconsideration was that there should be a full review of the National Transport Strategy.

The review of the National Transport Strategy will set out an updated version for what kind of transport Scotland needs for the next 20 years and how Transport Scotland plan to achieve their aims. The review will look at how Transport Scotland can address the strategic challenges facing Scotland’s transport network and how these challenges can be overcome.

Transport Scotland want to work across Scotland to ensure the transport policy meets the needs of everyone across Scotland on a local, regional and national basis.   

What does the National Transport Strategy do?

The National Transport Strategy introduced three key strategic outcomes:

                        • Improved journey times and connections between our cities and towns and our global markets to tackle congestion and lack of integration and connections in transport¬ß¬ß
  • Reduced emissions to tackle climate change, air quality and health improvement
        • Improved quality, accessibility and affordability of transport, to give choice of public transport, better quality services and value for money, or alternative to car


Visit Transport Scotland website for further information.


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